Love Leah Designs was born in August 2014, after planning my very own fairy tale wedding in Mauritius.  I decided to embark on a journey that would not only make our wedding day extra special, but would later launch me into the world of having my own business. 

Due to having my own wedding planner in Mauritius, who pretty much covered everything, I started to do as much as I could myself. It was the perfect time, as 2014 also marked the birth of my beautiful daughter Maya in April, which gave me the freedom to explore and dedicate my 'baby free time' to Love Leah's journey.

After choosing the most Beautiful Wedding dress, I couldn't bear the thought of placing the most important and expensive dress I will ever wear on a cheap plastic hanger.

It was then I decided to design and create one myself to match with my wedding theme for my entire bridal party! 

I then went onto creating our personalised sunglasses for "team groom" & "team bride" as our favours and the rest is history!

The greatest thing about our products is there not just for Weddings, We receive lots of custom for Proms, Christenings, Hen Parties, Honeymoons, Baby Showers, Birthdays and other special occasions.

We have featured on local Radio station Express FM & In October 2017 we become FINALISTS in the Hampshire Wedding Supplier Awards.

We were so over the moon to even be considered let alone a FINALIST.

We are based in Portsmouth Hampshire, However we ship worldwide! To proudly name a few countries Love Leah Designs has shipped to include....... 12 Different states in America (Las Vegas, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Iowa, Texas, California, Illinois, Missouri, Connecticut, to date), Australia, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, France, Poland, Norway, Spain, Wales, England, Ireland

We absolutely love what we do and the feedback we receive from customers makes all our hard-work worthwhile. We put a lot of hard-work and dedication into making this family run business the success it is. It hasn't just happened by luck. That being said, is the reason we are so proud to be one of the leading Personalised wedding brands online.

Top secret news is that we are even in talks with local retailers and businesses to collaborate with!!

You will all be the first to know the details on this once it is given the green light.

 If you're looking for something specific and don't see it in our shop, please send us a message, We love to create new products ourselves, But with your help they can be Fabulous designs.

Love Leah Designs x